Zoe & Evelina - A mothers love


A spontaneous photoshoot, completely unplanned, well kinda. I did happen to take my camera along on our visit to my old school friend Zoe's and heck who doesn't like taking photos of a doting mother and her cutie of a little princess. Such a pleasure to capture a few quick photos of them and I always say the best photos are those unplanned ones. This is why I love what I do, documentary style photos are my passion and I can't wait to practise some more on other unsuspecting friends that I happen to plan a get together with.

So, Zoe and I have been pals since middle school and although we ended up going to completely different upper schools, her brother became one of my childhood best friends, so through our early teens we spent a lot of time together. We have experienced some amazing moments with each other and now I can to see her grow in love with her own baby. What a treat.

Today has been one of those days were you really appreciate those who are around you, those that take the time to listen to your deepest thoughts. Who are there to remind you that its OK to be a mess and not be perfect. Zoe has been one of those that with out her, today would have probably been one of those days of feeling crazy anxious about the year ahead so thanks Zoe, you beautiful girlie you.

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