A Year Full Of Love


Twenty Sixteen. How to sum you up? Goodness, I think if I had to choose one word it would be 'love'. A year full of love. We entered 2016 with the unknown at our front door. Elliott was due in March and being a mummy and daddy was an exciting but a scary prospect. But March came so quick we didn't have time to be scared for long. 

After a long and dramatic birth my little Wolf was born and how time has just seemed to dash passed us and now our little Elliott has entered into 2017 nearly 10 months earth side of the womb. He has grown and changed so much in such a short time. His hair is growing so much longer and is this wonderful white blonde. He has such soft skin but also patches of dry like his Mummy, he loves to drag himself around the living room and bath time, well he loves a splash about in the bath so much so that the floor ends up the bath. He is growing into a cheeky and funny little boy who loves attention, a bit like his Mummy. His favourite person is Daddy.

I can't believe that in two months our Wolf will be 1 year old and I can't wait to share this next year with you all. I thought I would share some of my favourite photos of 2016 with you all. All of Elliott of course.

Happy New Year all.

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