Autumn Light & Family Love - Holly, Garry, Amelia & Ethan


Autumn blesses us with the most beautiful warm light. It pokes is golden head through the trees and prepares to look its best in the late afternoon and for this shoot, it did not disappoint and although we the winter chill was setting in it didn't stop this shoot from being lovely. This time I got to work with my wonderful cousin Holly and her adorable little family. We walked in the low sun, chucked leaves in the hair, pulled funny faces and even little Amelia wasn't going to let the cold spoil her time in front of the camera. Lots of family love going on in these photos.

I adore working with families and although I am not the best at directing, its always nice when a family just goes off into their own world and lets me capture them in that natural way. Roll on 2017, I am ready for the year to start and for more wonderful moments like these.

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