A Christmas Tradition - Elliott's first Christmas tree


There is nothing like the smell of pines. I have always found real Christmas trees so much more refreshing. Waking up everyday and being able to smell pines in my home is wonderful, so of course we went and got ourselves a real tree. Elliott's first Christmas tree.

Last year we found a great farm that grew their own Christmas trees. You could go and select the one you wanted and have it cut down. The only problem we found was that it was so busy, so when we came across the loveliest little family run farm called Hadsham Farm, who grew their own trees too, we were over the moon.

When we pulled up to the farm we weren't sure if we had arrived in the right place. We parked on their drive way and out came a young man who gave us instructions on what we had to do and off we went, round the back of the farm house and into a field of traditional Christmas trees and Normand trees. A part from a mother and her two boys, we were the only other family there. It was perfect. I was so excited. Excited that we had found such a place to start this new tradition with our little Wolf. After about 15 mins of searching we finally found the perfect tree. We found the lovely man who came with his saw and he cut the tree down for us and into the back of the car it went.

We came home and got straight to decorating. Daddy and Elliott put the first Christmas decoration on the tree as I snapped a few photos. I love capturing these first moments for Elliott. This Christmas is going to be the best yet.

Thank you Hadsham Farm for making finding Elliott's first Christmas tree so easy.  We will be back next year.

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