We're In The Garden


Summer has arrived all so suddenly here and I am taking advantage of this great weather and spending time in my garden pottering about. Pruning the roses, taking cuttings to have in the house, catching rainbows, keeping cool in Elliott's paddling pool and dinner in the cooler evening air.

Elliott and Lee haven't been very well so whilst Lee hides inside resting, I have been getting Elliott outside for a few minutes of fresh air. Watching the clouds roll by and the light peep through the blossom tree. The outdoors is a great big sensory for babies and I love showing Elliott all the flowers I have grown and letting him feel the leaves and grass on his toes.

I love our garden, the over grown shambles that it is. I have really started to tackle it and next February I intend on planting wild flower seeds and trying my hand at growing my own. Learning online about hot to grow them yourself and what soils etc are best. Its really interesting.

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