Today I Felt Beautiful - We are Princesses


I stood here for awhile just looking into the distance. I smiled to myself and whispered, WOW. Just being in that space in that moment, on my own, I felt free. Free to sing, free to run and free to think all the happy thoughts I wanted.

I felt beautiful... because beauty isn't always about looking your best on the outside but also feeling your best on the inside.

I am so pleased with this series I have started so far and even more pleased that over on instagram, other mummy's and non mummy's have started to tag pictures to my little hash tag. I am pleased that I could inspire them to share a time when they felt truly beautiful. All girls should feel beautiful.

My wonderful friend and Elliott's pen friend, Forest's mummy Steph as also joined in with this series. Her photos are truly wonderful and of course she is beautiful in them. Please do take a peek here: The Reymond Tribe

'All women are princesses, it is our right.' - A Little Princess

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