Elliott's like & dislikes


Elliott has been in the world just over 4 months . I still can't believe how fast he is growing. Every day he surprises me with how much he is learning. From finding his voice, which is rather loud, to trying his first piece of banana. Although I don't intend on feeding him food just yet, but I wanted to see how he felt about the texture. No rush of course and I want to try baby led weening so the closer to 6 months the better.

I thought today I would share some more of Elliott's likes and dislikes.

Things Elliott likes:

1. Falling asleep snuggled into your shoulder
2. Elliott loves his Jumparoo
3. Being naked (he used to hate it)
4. Watching Disney movies with Mummy
5. Charlotte and the girls
6. Bath time
7. Being picked up and put up in the air by Daddy
8. Calling him poopy pants
9. Laughing at everything

Things Elliott doesn't like:

1. Being on his back
2. Being craddled
3. Being crowded
4. Really loud noises

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