Elliott & His Coyote


Since having Elliott I have had the joy of working with such wonderful companies and small business to help promote their wonderful brands and creations. Its always a pleasure capturing Elliott with these products but one small business I love is Dito Koukla Creations.

Before Elliott was born we were sent this wonderful Coyote doll and as some of you may have seen over on my IG he has featured a lot. He sat waiting in Elliott's cot for the day he arrived and has been there ever since keeping his eye on Elliott has he sleeps.

I thought I would create a short video of Elliott in the garden with his Coyote. It was really lovely just filming and capturing Elliott in his own little world. He really is such an alert baby and one thing I have noticed is he loves being under a tree with the light pouring through the branches and leaves. He is definably our son and loves being outside as much as we do and what better place for him to play with his coyote than in the garden on a handmade patch blanket with the sun shining behind the tree and the flowers blooming nicely.

Elliott and his Coyote from Hannah Stocker on Vimeo.

If you would like to work with me on a product shoot or if you would like a little video created of your product please do get in touch by emailing: ivoryfaces@hotmail.co.uk I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Love the photo's and the video, he is a good looking little boy.