Today I Felt Beautiful - Oxeye Daisies


I have decided to start my own photo series over the next year. Originally my idea was to do self portraits during the seasons but as England struggles to get seasons right, ones that portray the true vision of spring, summer, autumn and winter. I thought instead I would just do self portraits in different flowers, trees, long grasses etc.

Since having Elliott I have been trying really hard to boost my confidence and part of that is learning to love myself. As vain as it maybe to take pictures of yourself, I find it helps me to realise that the image I have of myself is far from the real me, what others see. Being able to take a picture of myself surrounded one one of the things I love the most I feel, will really help with my self esteem and if that means being vain and standing amongst beautiful flowers and snapping a few photos of myself then so be it. I want to learn to love who I am and how I look, from my thin hair, my baby flab, scars and my square shaped head.

I have decided to call the series, TODAY I FELT BEAUTIFUL. A photo journey of a girl learning to love herself inside and outside.

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