Today I Felt Beautiful - My mind is a battle field


I have always been one to worry. Big things, small things, it really doesn't matter. I worry about it all. My mind is a jumble of all the things I am trying to do and be, if you could step inside my head it would be like walking in to a battle. I long continues battle that some days ease but at the best part its loud. So so loud.

I want to start a change my mind, master the art of just being. No trying to be anything or do everything. To calm this storm that consumes my thoughts. I want to dive into my stitchings, watch my childhood movies, take long hot bubble baths when Elliott has gone to bed, write and just remember what it felt like to not have all these worries.

Tomorrow I am going to start these changes. Stop pushing myself to be a success in all that I imagine will make me a better person and just take myself as I am because really I am the best at what I hold dear, being a daughter, friend, wife and most of all a mother. Elliott is my future and what ever that entails I must put aside my insignificant worries and be strong for him, for he is mine, my sweet little wolf who loves me for all that I am, including my worries and battle field mind.

Present fears are less than horrible imaginings.
William Shakespeare

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