Prince Jareth


Prince Jareth, was tall and regal. His clothes made of the finest velvet. A long tale coat with a ruffle collar. By his side his steed, Percy. A pure white horse with eyes like crystal. He took super with the deer folk and loved to whistle a merry tune. He loved parties especially masquerade balls.

Prince Jareth was a brace Prince and one day he decided it was high time he took a new adventure with Percy. "I think today I shall venture to the forest of talking Oaks" Yes a forest of talking Oaks. It had been a long time since the Prince had visited his Oak friends and what better time to do. He would tell them all about the little boy Elliott, who he met on his last adventure.

If only Prince Jareth knew what would lay before him as he set off on his steed...


Doll created by Inorog Dolls

(this is a collaborative post)

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