The past few months have flown by and so many exciting things have happened. One in pirticular is, I am now a test and keep mummy for the amazing shop Kidly. I love working with companies like this to review such wonderful products. Basically, KIDLY ask you what sort of products you are currently in need of and then they add you to the list for those products. Once you review one, you have a deadline to test the product then complete a review form for them. Simple.

Our first product arrived a few weeks ago and we were so delighted to open the package and find two wonderful PEBBLE rattles inside. PEBBLE are a wonderful company who create handmade, fair trade crochet and knitted childrens toys.

I love PEBBLE and it wasn't till I had received the rattles that I realised that our dear friend Aimee had already given us a PEBBLE rattle, so I knew the quality would be perfect and I wasn't disappointed. The rattles are delightful and as you can see Elliott loves the rabbit rattle the most. His little hands love to cling onto the leg or arm of the rattle, perfect for learning to hold babies. Elliott's bunny comes every where with us and I am sure it is one of his favourite toys now. Knowing that this product was made by a fair trade company makes me feel great.

You can read my reviews below.

(This is a collaboration post)

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