The Three Musketeers - Life Recently


I never realised how different life could be until this little wolf joined the pack. Life has gone from great to blooming amazing, and that includes the joy I get every time he does a nappy seeping poop. Our adventures recently have been the best they could ever be because we are no longer just Hannah & Lee, we are Mummy & Daddy. We are the The Three Musketeers.

We have seeked out bluebells, pressed flowers in the garden, danced to records turning on the record player and had some of the best naps. Every morning we wake up and Elliott smiles at us, I know we are doing a damn fine job and although I said I would never let being a mummy consume me or even my blog, I have decided to just let it happen because being a mummy has finally given me some purpose in this world. It has pushed me to want more from life. I have even more of a lust for life and I can't wait to live it with my two boys by my side.

We are The Three Musketeers and we are on the best adventure.

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