Since Elliott was born, we have always swaddled him when going to bed at night. It recently came to my attention that we wont be able to swaddle him for too much longer due to the fact that when he learns to roll, swaddling just wont be safe any more. Elliott is still only two months but it is always in my head that eventually we will need to ween him off of swaddling and that can be as hard as weaning a baby off a dummy. I wanted something that would make him feel secure but also allow him the use of his arms, so when rolling over he was able to push himself back if needs be.

I recently came across the shop Mama Designs Ltd who sell the most adorable baby sleeping bags called BABASAC. The great thing about these baby sleeping bags is that this one comes with two different togs. 1.0 and 2.5. Just unzip the inside layer and you have a light weight bag, great for the warmer months. This saves you so much money. It gives baby plenty of room to move their legs but also keeps them secure so they feel snug, with under the arm poppers to keep babies arms from sudden movements. They come in great patterns as well, my favourite of course was this apple print. Its so fun.

We have started Elliott on the road to weaning him off swaddling and I couldn't be happier with this wonderful sleeping bag for him to move into. We already use it during day time naps and he loves it.

I highly recommend this brand so head over to Mama Designs Ltd and grab your own.

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