Babe In The Woods


Life really has been different since Elliott arrived. When I say different what I really mean is, amazing! Yes its hard work but two months in and I really feel we are starting to get the hang of this parenting lark. Ok so we haven't got to grips with everything and their have been times when we have had to change Elliott's nappy in the boot of the car but hey no one is perfect, especially in the world of parenting.  We want Elliott to experience it all and have tried to fit him into our world but of course sometimes that means a screaming baby being changed in the car. One thing we really need to learn is to plan our days ahead as much as we can.

Today's adventure took us in search of blue bell woods. I had heard all about Badby Woods being full of them at this time of year and as they were only 20 mins up the road we decided to head out. I wanted to scout the area for a photoshoot I have coming up with two little fairy girls that live a door down from me. As soon as we pulled up I knew it would be the perfect spot. The ground was covered with thousands of bluebells and wonderful little white flowers. Of course I couldn't pass up on the chance to lay Elliott down in the flowers and snap his picture.

He is such a good boy and laid there peacefully until he had enough of being on his back and decided he wanted to be picked up, which of course we do. I don't want Elliott to be reduced to tears just because I have a passion for taking photos. He is far more important than a photo.

I decided that I would capture the walk in a little film, as its been so long since I did any filming. 

Life really is wonderful with my two boys and although some days I want to run and hide and feel like an awful mother for getting stressed, I wouldn't change anything. We are the three musketeers and I cant see life getting any better than this.

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