Successful Baby Wearing


Success! Yesterday afternoon we tested out my brand new stretchy sling made by Snugi Wraps and I can safely say it is my favourite of all the slings I own. Its so easy to use and so comfortable as well. Although my first attempt found me walking around my village in an anxious mess as I hadn't done the wrap tight enough and I felt like Elliott was uncomfortable, my second attempt was a lot less dramatic. Wouldn't be Hannah with out a little bit of drama.

I always knew I wanted to try out baby wearing. To be able to give your baby the comfort they want as a new born whilst doing the dish washer and other endless chores that with out a sling I would more than likely never get done. However, I say this, I haven't used my sling whilst doing mundaine house jobs yet but I will and I know it will be a success, least I am positive that it will. It also means that If I don't want to use the pushchair I don't have to and when baby is in tears and all other resources have been exasperated I can grab my trusty sling and pop baby in and boom, sound asleep. Its a win win situation in my eyes.

I highly recommend baby wearing and although I don't intend on making it the only way I carry my baby, I do want it to be used as much as I can and what better people to help me do that than Snugi Wraps. Their soft beautiful wraps are simply perfect and such amazing prices. Take a peek and any new mummy's thinking of baby wearing I recommend Snugi Wraps. Go go, treat yourself and your baby. Let face it, you both win if you do but remember, not all babies will like it...

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