Samson & The Little Girl Who Always Said "Hello"


Photos by All Of My Days Photography

At the bottom of the garden you will find wild flowers a plenty, mischievous ladybirds and a cheeky ginger cat who liked to sleep amongst the uncut winter grass but thats not all you can find at the bottom of the garden. If you look close enough you will see a tiny bear no bigger than your hand.

This bear was no ordinary bear for his body was covered in flowers and toadstools. Up his back grew tiny little toadstools and on his front little tiny flowers. He was in camouflage and his name, well his name was Samson. A kind sweet bear who loved to blend in with the wild flowers, who adored the tiny creatures that came and sat on his toadstool back.

He would tell them of his many adventures at the bottom of the garden, like his chance meeting with the pretty Robin bird that sat on the fence every morning and how the Robin warned him of the cheeky ginger cat that was close by. He talked about the time he once was brave enough to peer into the strawberry bush were the caterpillars lived and how he wished he could venture into the top of the garden and talk to the little girl with beautiful blonde hair who always said "Hello" to everyone. Oh how he longed to be big enough to play hide and seek with her but of course Samson was far too small. Sometimes he would love little flower crowns that he made for her and watch as she would find them. Oh how she smiled as she rushed back inside to show everyone what she had found.

Samson longed to be a big bear and many nights would dream of how wonderful it would be to finally be able to play with that beautiful blonde haired girl who always said "Hello"...

(Bear created by Wolphelia - WEBSITE COMING SOON. Find them on Instagram by clicking here)

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