Elliott Wolf Barnes


I would like to finally introduce you to our brand new and fresh Elliott Wolf Barnes. Born 5th March at 18:51. Weighing 8pounds 8oz. Rosy cheeks, big eyes, button nose and chin rolls. 

It is amazing how life can change in a flash when a baby is bought into the world and how what mattered before, just doesn't matter anymore. Maybe because I don't have the time right now, maybe because I am still recovering from a dramatic birth or maybe, just maybe because what I felt was important before, really wasn't at all. Priorities change and I have welcomed them with open arms.

Being a mummy has changed my whole out look on life. It has shown me what I truly am capable of. How strong I can be. It has also shown me how amazing my husband truly is. Not only did he stay strong during a time when he was crying inside, watching me go through so much pain, he has also adapted to being my carer and most of all a Daddy. He has been my rock, reassured me when I have been an emotional mess, ran me copious lavender baths, fed baby in the nights and so much more. He truly is the love of my life and Elliott is so lucky to have him as a Daddy and I cant wait to watch them grow together.

In just a week our whole lives have changed. We have gone from a two to the three amigos. We are ready for the memories to start. Our real adventure begins now and I couldn't be more excited.

P.S. I shall be sharing Elliott's first week in a post tomorrow. 

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  1. Congratulations Hannah, Elliott is handsome. You are blessed. Enjoy him and all ye memories you'll make together x

  2. Congratulations Hannah! Your post made me tear up. Your priorities do change in a flash. I feel like it's something almost primitive - this intense love and worry you have for this little, delicate human being.

    Best wish for your little family. x

  3. How comes lees ya acting ya carer?