Daddy & His Little Buddy


I don't think this post really needs many words. Just a Dad and his little boy. On one heck of an adventure. Taking on the world in their own imaginations together. Cow boys and Indians in the park, fort building in the woods, daring sword fights, muddy messy faces. All these things I can picture this Daddy and his little man doing as they learn together and grow together.

Daddy loves his little buddy.

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  1. This is just UNBELIEVABLY CUTE. I'm going to explode from cuteness overdose v.v Beautiful pictures ^_^ Beautiful memories <3

  2. He's HERE! Hello gorgeous little chap. I love these pictures SO much and think that you'll really treasure them in the years to come. <3 Thank you for sharing them with us.

    1. Oh thank you so much. Yes I want to get them framed. :) x