Dear Baby - Its ok to come out now


Photos taken by my husband

Dear Baby,

How time can pass in a blink of an eye. Tomorrow Mummy will be 40 weeks. 40 weeks of carrying you in her womb. 40 weeks of feeling your kicks get stronger and stronger. 40 weeks of endless love for you. There have been days when it has been so hard but never for a moment have I ever regretted this blessing.

Mummy and Daddy took you for a walk amongst some fir trees this afternoon. It was so cold but you helped keep me warm. My little hot water bottle. Daddy was super cold though and ended up wearing mummy's coat, he would have made you chuckle.

We didn't stay long because you have become heavy and Mummy struggles to walk now as you push down lower but we didn't mind as we decided to have hot drinks and cake at the garden centre. Then baby, Daddy's silly car got a flat tyre and we stood at the side of the road as he changed the tyre. He did us proud. We have nothing to fear when Daddy is around to protect us.

Oh baby boy we are so excited for you to arrive. All we want is to hold you. I try and picture what your little face will look like. I have a feeling you will be a spit of your Dad. Either way we don't care. We will love you regardless.

Tomorrow is your estimated due date, that's when the midwives think you are due to come into the world but baby I think you are far too comfy in there and may not show your little face for a few days yet. Don't make us wait too long, we are ready for you. It really is ok to come out now.

We love you sweet baby boy and already we are the proudest I think we have ever been.

Love you,

Mummy & Daddy x

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  1. Lots of love and good wishes to all three of you ,thinking of you ,from Hazel x

  2. Beautiful photos! Ooooh I do hope he comes soon! :D I am so excited for you ^_^ sending love! xxxx

  3. Hope baby makes an appearance soon. Love your photos. And such a lovely post x

  4. your baby is lucky to have you and Lee, I'm excited myself and checking Instagram everyday wondering if your baby arrived yet.