A special visit


Today has been such a lovely day. I recently have been in touch with an old school friend, who also recently has just had a handsome little fella called Alistair. After having to cancel our last meet up due to me not feeling best, we finally got together. Emma travelled all the way to see me and surprised me with a basket full of goodies for me and baby Barnes. Such a wonderful surprise. Just the visit was enough for this mumma bear.

From the get go it was if we had seen each other the day before. Perfect. I love friendships you can just sink back into with ease. We talked about baby stuff, which was lovely as I do love to talk to new mums as its all fresh for them as well. She shared with me her birthing experience, things she wasn't aware of and felt I should be. Advised me on the simple things like cleaning baby and she even bought round her baby bottle maker which I thought was amazing.

It was just day of talking about school times and future planning. Just what I needed, not just for me but for her as well. Being a new mum can be a lonely time and I am so pleased I have other Mum's I can talk to. I even managed to take some photos for her of Alistair. Such handsome and smiley baby, even when teething. I do hope you like the pictures. I can't wait to start taking my own of our own little wolf cub.

I great day with a great old/new friend.

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