Walnut Shell Secret Messages and trinket boxes


Christmas has gone as quickly as it came and I am ready to start 2016 with a positive attitude and an open mind. So to start off the year I thought how about sharing the walnut shell boxes I made for table placings.

After searching Pinterest for table placing ideas I came across one on how to make Walnut Shell Boxes. They remind me of my dear friend Madlyn who you can find here.  She creates the most wonderful things from small objects like acrons.

To make this idea my own, I decided to put secret messages inside the shell boxes. The secret messages were unique to that individual and was something that they didn't know. I felt it made them more personal. To keep them closed I used rustic looking fabric for the men and then left over lace used to make my wedding dress for the ladies. However if you are clever you could make little holes in the back of the shells and use thin bendy metal to create little hinges but I felt the lace and ribbon made them even more special and makes it easier for little hands to help.

If you would like to create this idea please see what you need below.

What you will need:

Walnut shells (cleaned and emptied)
Glitter (Colour of your choice)
Glue (I used PVA glue)
Lace, ribbon or twine (to keep the boxes closed.)

There are so many things you can do with walnut shells. For our wedding we created walnut shell boats by following my dear friend Keri-anne's DIY which you can find here. Something different and you can really make them your own. Maybe decorate the boats by painting them?

An echo friendly idea that is simple and easy to do with your little ones.

You will need

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