Time to relax


 New fresh bed sheets, Outlander re run and completing embroidery projects has been my weekend and its been welcomed. Relaxing and taking time just step back from the chores of keeping the house clean and thinking about the washing in the machine that is still in there and will proberbly need re washing. Learning to listen to my body and embracing this time to sleep when sleeping seems like it will never happen.

Maternity starts in a weeks time and to end the week on Sunday 31st I shall be having a baby shower. I am so excited and have been busy coming up with ideas that I hope will work out on the day. What ever happens it will be a nice way to enter into maternity.

Whilst I have been relaxing this weekend I have been reading the sweetest of blogs. Blogs that I find real and have really helped me go back to my roots of blogging. I thought as its Sunday and to end the week on a high I would share those blogs with you all and hope they inspire you as much as they do me.

1. theraymondtribe
2. plouffeland
3. thesaltyseablog
4. theteadrinkingenglishrose
5. sunnysweetpea

Happy Sunday All.

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