Snow Days


The snow came and of course I had to take the opportunity to get out in it with my boy. So at 9am were decided to take a walk to the shop for breakfast. I wrapped up warm in the lovely red cord coat my Aimee gave me, grabbed my hat and scarf and off we went.

Two boys were sledging down the street and even to our surprise a little old lady was out walking in it. We walked the long way to the shop, grabbed ourselves some pastries and decided to take the woods back to the house as it backs onto our garden. It was rather muddy were dog walkers had been out and we both decided its about time we got ourselves some wellies.

It was such a lovely walk but coming home to the warm was so wonderful. A feeling I love. Coming home out of the cold and having that heat smack you in the face. After the walk I headed up to bed and slept for three hours straight. The days are becoming a lot harder now the bigger I get and I am certainly ready for maternity leave to start. Only two weeks left. I shall be using my time wisely and sleeping as much as I can.

Overall today has been a relaxed Sunday and really just what I needed. I hope you have all had a wonderful  weekend.

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  1. A perfect day! The snow had more or less all melted in our garden in the am. But we had a pair of blue tits and a robin having a lovely time which was fun to watch from inside in the warm. Take care of yourself.

  2. I love those pictures <3 A white winterwonderland!


  3. Horray for snow! :D You have lots of it ^_^ Such pretty shots, the woodland trees with their laden, frosty boughs make it look like a dreamy wonderland. Please send us some? :P

    Have a lovely day and hope the two weeks go quickly for you so you can kick back and relax :)

    Sarah xxo |