A new year and a new blogging start


A new year has arrived and with that a new start for my blogging journey. I'm going back to basics. Some of you who follow me over on my favourite place, Instagram will remember a post I did on there during December regarding the future of my blog. Well after reading my lovely friend Jenny's blog Sunny Sweet Pea recent blog post about her goals for her own blog, (you can read it here), It really helped me make up my mind about the future of my own blog and all those feelings I had last year about what I wanted from this little social space.

Blogging for me has become boring. Nothing excites me about it anymore. I have forgotten why I started and if I am honest I find the blogging world full of  the same dribble of sponsored posts after sponsored posts. I appreciate that for some this is their living but for me, I never set up this space to make money from it and in fact ever since I started doing sponsored posts, I found I lost my passion for it... I have stepped away from stats, page views and how high I am in the latest poll for top blog. It is not important. So after months of thinking and debating I have decided to take this space back to basics for the time being. Sharing my adventures, photography and random ramblings. I am stepping back from sponsored posts. I shall still be doing collaborations with companies I adore but only companies I feel I have a passion for.

I am focusing more on my little family, embroidery and taking time for me. I shall be posting as and when I feel like it. This space is going to become what It was set up to be a place to share my world.I hope that all my followers stick with me as I make these changes in my life. This year is a big year with our little man entering the world and for me thats what is important. Helping him grow and us with him.

Happy New Year all. 

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  1. I really like the sound of the direction your blog is taking :D I can't wait to read about all of your little rambles and adventures ^_^ Those are my favourite types of blogs :) Ones filled with photography, joy and real lives, things that matter :) Best of luck in all your adventures and endeavours! I love your embroidery too ^_^

    Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Thank you always for your support. This weekend I am going to be going over my blog changing bits. I love working with small brands but will only be doing this if I feel their products are right for me. I shall no longer be writing sponsored posts about products. My blog is going to be a place to share my world, as it was meant to be. I mean I don't think I have swayed too far away from that anyway so it should be easy to go back.

    I just see so many blogs that consistantly only write posts about products, even their adventure posts feature someones brand etc. Its as if that adventure only happened because they had been paid to mention a product in it.

    I shall be sharing later my fav blogs. For example, I will always stay true to my dearest Keri-Annes blog. Her photography of the girls is just perfect. (Gingerlillytea)

    Then I have a few others that I go back to over and over again. They are just honest blogs and I prefer that.


  3. I love the rambling kind! It's why I started writing and reading them in the first place! Am excited to read about all your adventures with your new little one! Xxx