See you soon Christmas


Christmas is now over and as I sit her reflecting over it all, I feel slightly lost. That between Christmas and New Year feeling. Out of routine and not sure what to do with yourself feeling. I have been feeling this for a few days now. I have noticed it isn't just me that feels this either. Are we all just waiting for the 1st to arrive so we can make changes, start a fresh? Why not start now? So today I have been thinking of all the things I want from the new year. Things I would like to do. I don't really do new years resolutions but I do like to make lists, no matter how unrealistic they are.

I thought I would share with you just a few things on my list.

1. Start buying baby essentionals
2. Make time for my hypnobirthing evenings
3. Create embroideries to sell (No custom orders)
4. Take more time for me and the boy
5. Prepare things to do when my Maternity leave starts (if baby hasn't arrived early)
6. Research more into our home birth (search for renting birthing pools)

Only a few things at the moment but enough to get me started with. For the rest of the week I shall be enjoying my time before I head back to work for my last month and catching up on my sleep.

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