Gingerbread House Christmas Tradition


This Sunday my dear Keri-Anne and her girls came to my house for the day for our early Christmas Day together. We usually do it at Keri-Anne's but I asked if they minded coming to mine this year as baby and I were feeling a little tired.

It was so wonderful having them visit. We opened our presents, had jacket potatoes, listened to Mary Poppins on my record player and made a gingerbread house. Watching the girls sneak sweets from the bowl and Mia dip her fingers in the icing that was dripping from the house was funny and by the end of it, I think more sweets had been eaten than they had been stuck to the house.

Afterwards we all settled down in the living room and watched The Grinch. One of the girls favourite Christmas movies. I love a Christmas tradition and this one I look forward to every year. I can't wait for next year when our little boy will be here to join in (kind of) with this tradition and for when Lee and I can create our own with him.

I created a little video of the girls decorating their house. I do hope you like it.

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  1. Awww Hannah, I enjoyed watching this video so much and got in a very festive mood now! The girls are so cute and I enjoy your christmas decoration so much! <3 so magical! I hope the girls haven't fallen into a sugar coma and enjoy christmas with her beloved ones! Thank you for sharing this tradation.

    Warm hugs to you,

    1. Thank you so much Michelle. Such a lovely comment.

      Christmas wishes to you as well.