A new tradition - Christmas tree shopping


I think we may have a new tradition and one that I like very very much. I have always loved Christmas and this year I decided I wanted to give back to my Mum and Dad and have them for Christmas dinner. I really want to make everything perfect and cosy for them. So the boy agreed to us having a second tree but this one could be real! A REAL TREE!!

So we drove to a lovely farm in Stoke Goldington where they have a trees in their thousands ready and waiting to be taken home by families. I was so excited and it really showed as I walked up and down the rows of trees trying to find the perfect one. The smell was amazing and each tree had its own look, fat, skinny, short or tall.

 After a little while searching the boy pointed out a perfect tree and straight away we called the man over to cut the tree. It was so perfect and watching the boy carry it back to the farm to be netted up, I got this little warm feeling inside. This could be something we do every year with our little man. This could be the future of our Christmases and it made me smile.

So here is to the future of traditions with my little family. Good things are coming and I am so ready for it.

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