Winter has arrived - Smell that cold air.


Winter has arrived in our corner of the globe and I have to say I welcome it with open arms. Those early morning winter frosts, burning wood fires, chilly walks but being snug in your big coats, hats and mittens, hot coco evenings in front of the tv watching movies and preparing for Christmas. I love it. Don't get me wrong after Christmas I will be wishing it was Spring time but for now I am content that the winter has arrived and wishing the 1st December would arrive so I can put up our Christmas tree and make our living room that more cosy with twinkle lights.

Today the boy and I decided to spend the day out the house. We took a lovely drive to my Aunt and Uncles to pick up some coal and then headed to Salcey Forest for a winter walk. We explored the tree top walk, smiled at all the families with little ones and oooed over cute little Westie Dogs. Muddy but perfect walk. We then headed to Ashton and stopped for dinner at The Old Crown and I have to say the food was well worth the money and somewhere I would defiantly go again if we are in the area.

We are really try to embrace the time as a two while we can, until our little man is in the world and we start the future as a three. Seeing all the little boys and girls today running around all excited really made us even more excited about having our own babe. We realised it was our chance to re live being a child ourselves and we can't wait to be able to explore and play with out little boy.

Today was a day of feeling blessed and now we have started the first fire of the year in our new home and it is true bliss. Happy Sunday all.

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