I am doing a good job - Pregnancy Honesty


I've found through out my pregnancy so far that there are many women who feel that they have to hide their real feelings. That if they show an ounce of weakness through pregnancy this makes them doubt themselves as a mother to be. I have had a lot of odd days off work so far and every time I feel like I am being pathetic, like I have to justify why I'm not going in and why resting is what my body is screaming at me to do. We should all try and remember that it's ok not to be a perfect pregnant women, that growing a baby is hard on our immune system and overall emotions. We feel things in a heightened way. Your average cold can knock you for six and you know inside that yes you could go to work and sit there in a daze but who does that help? 

It's now that is the most important time for us to relax and take time out when we feel like our bodies are being invaded. All of these feelings we have are ok, we still want to be mummies and love our growing babies. We just need to learn that not all of us experience pregnancy in the same ways and in the grand scale of things it's ok to not enjoy every part of it. (I am rambling) I hope my ramblings make sense.

For myself pregnancy has been a rollarcoaster. Right at the start I was really poorly with Hypremsis. Every time someone would ask me how I was feeling, I would tell them that its been hard and I would become really defensive because that overwhelming feeling of, Don't judge me kicked in and I would be snappy or not want to talk about it. I still find it a little hard now to talk about my pregnancy because I take every comment, opinion and advice personally. I found that everyone became an expert (least thats how I took it) Especially at the beginning. I also find that I find it hard to tell people to step back and let me breath.

Sometimes all I want is for someone to tell me I am doing a good job of making a baby but I have realised I don't need someone else to tell me that, that the only people I need this confirmation from is my husband and my baby growing in my belly. 

Us new mummies should stop seeking acceptance into the world of motherhood. It isn't a compertition, although you do feel that way a lot. It isn't about who makes the better choices for their baby, its about being the best you can be. Learning that mistakes will be made but thats ok, we are only human. 

Moving forward I want to embrace all the emotions that I feel and not judge myself or justify them. I am growing a human after all and thats incredible.

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  1. You will be an amazing mother lovely Hannah!!! <3 I wish you good luck for the future!!! Lots of love your way...

    1. Thank you so much Martina. Means a lot xxx