Dear Baby - 25 weeks


Dear baby! Today we went to see our lovely doctor for a check up. She gave you compliments on how cute you must be in my neat bump. She gave us the flu jab today and made sure mummy's blood pressure was all ok. Then I got to hear your little heart beat again which always makes Mummy very happy. 

You are growing so fast my little one and I am so pleased with how well you are doing. Mummy is making sure to eat fruit everyday and moisturise your bump roof. Daddy has looked after me so well recently and it was his Birthday yesterday! I said Happy Birthday from you. We took him to see one of his favourite comedians last week which he enjoyed very much. I hope you heard me laughing.

But Baby Boy, Mummy has been feeling terribly emotional and has had a few days of tears and shouting and I am truly sorry for that. I hate to have you hear mummy crying or being angry and I hope you forgive me. Each day is a challenge but one I am truly blessed to take because Baby at the end it gives me you and I am so excited.

I must go now. You are awake and kicking but mummy is sleepy and needs her sweet dreams so I shall pop on the second music playlist I made for you and drift off. I hope you like it.

Love you dear boy forever and always.

Mummy xxx

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