A place to nurse


Knowing how I want to feed our baby has always been a undecided thing for me. Do I breast feed or do I bottle feed? Either way its a choice I have yet to fully make. What ever my choice and it will be my choice I know that it will be what is right for not just my baby but for myself as well.

As you know from the few posts I have done recently we have been really focusing on our little mans nursery. Gradually bring the pictures in my head to life. I have always known that I wanted a chair to nurse our little man in and although we are limited on space, I still so want to have that chair that I can just sit in and nurse our little boy to sleep or read him stories.

I recently found these three wonderful chairs on the home furnishings and accessories shop called Love The Sign.

a place to nurse

I have fallen in love with this wonderful Monet natural wood rocking chair. I can really see myself with lovely cushion, cosy blanket and my baby in my arms feeding as we rock slowly. You can even buy on the website a cushion that covers this beautiful chair. Or how about this wonderful Renoir hanging chair in a soft grey colour. Oh how we could both fall into a sweet sleep in this. Maybe something like this Checker armchair for when you just want pure comfort on those sleepless nights of endless feeding.

I think my heart is going with the Monet Rocking Chair but what ever we eventually decide on, I just cant wait to sit and feed our little man and watch as he drifts off to sleep.

(This is a collaboration post. All my thoughts are my own.)

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