A cot mobile to be proud of


Right from the get go I knew I wanted to create my little man's own cot mobile. Not being able to find one that was simple and to my taste, I found after spending hours of searching, a wonderful idea on Pinterest. A woodland creature mobile. Simple, sweet and so easy to make. Made from an embroidery centre hoop, beading thread and wonderful cut wood animals I got from Arks and Animals. Three things to create the cot mobile we (I) wanted.

Not only is it original but you can really add to this cot mobile. Maybe painting the animals bright colours or adding some fake moss and ivy around the hoop (This I may do eventually myself) There are so many ways you can make this mobile your own unique piece for your babies room.

With the boys help we hung the mobile from the ceiling, making sure to get it just the right heigh so not to have it hitting babies face but close enough for them to see in the early stages of life due to their poor eye sight.

I am so pleased with how it turned out and it has really bought the room together. It is everything I wanted. I can't wait to see baby in his cot looking up at the animals and learning which is which. 

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