Lindsey Yankey - Illustrator. An inspiration


I am so lucky to share my life with some amazingly talented people and today I wanted to share with you all my talented friend from across the pond, Lindsey Yankey.

I have known Lindsey since I was about 17 now and watching her talent grow and grow has been such a pleasure, even if it is from 1000s of miles away. I guess I should really tell you what she does. Lindsey is a an illustrator based in Lawrence, KS with her lovely and also very talented husband, cat, dog, and as she says, her jungle of plants. She creates the most wonderful children's books and works with clients such as Shakespeare and Company in Paris. I mean come how amazing is that.. One of her most recent books is called Bluebird.

'A little bluebird attempts a solo journey from the nest with, for the first time, no help from her friend, Wind. Maybe the wind is taking a day off? Confused but curious, she goes exploring over the pond and out of the park to seek the wind in the café, the market, and city dwellings. Flying through Grandma’s window and around and about, she finally lights atop the tallest building all on her own! Quite pleased with herself, she soars up into the clouds, meeting her gusty playmate at last. Oversize double-page spreads washed in muted neutrals and highlighted by olive green and specks of color carry the bird’s journey forward as she searches.' - taken from Lindsey's website.

I have always been a lover of children's stories and have a big collection of vintage children's books in our home however I love finding new books with a unique look to them and collecting those as well. Lindsey creates the unique I am looking for. Her drawings are incredibly beautiful and like nothing I have seen before. From animals to monsters, she creates the most creative characters I have seen in a long time. I am proud to say I have a piece of her original works on my studio wall and I adore it. Two monsters having tea together. Can't go wrong with this scene, showing Children that not all monsters are bad.

I am so excited to watch Lindsey grow even more and often find myself peeking at her blog and facebook page seeing what she has been up to, what adventures she has been on.

You can see more of her work here: Lindsey Yankey. Please do take a peek, you never know she may inspire you as she does me.

(This is not a sponsored post. All my opinions are my own.)

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