Halloween - A time for dress up


Every year I look forward to popping my Trick or Treat sign up on the door, pumpkin carving and decorating the front of the house for Halloween. Its become a yearly tradition for me and the boy to take a trip to our favourite farm shop and stock up on cute pumpkins of all shapes and size. Sometimes I wish I could get dressed up and go knocking on peoples doors shouting "TRICK OR TREAT" but alas I am 30 and I am pretty sure in the UK that would be frowned upon. However, now we are due to be mumma bear and daddy bear the whole idea of getting dressed up with our little one (thinking a head here) really makes me excited. The prospects of what types of costumes our child will wear. Will they want to make their own, this I am hoping for. I always think a homemade costume is so much more fun. Face painting and maybe even making our own feather wings so we can go as birds? Making masks or even headdresses?

Whilst peeking at all my favourite instagram accounts, I came across the most wonderful of shops. A shop that really shows you what dressing up is all about. ANIMALESQUE. Beautiful animal inspired headdresses for little adventures and even us biggies!

'Animalesque is a unique and independent costume brand for all those wild little creatures who love to dress up! But also for grown-up kids with an eye for something special…' - Taken from their website.

I mean who wouldn't want to dress up as a rabbit, fox or bird? Combined with some handmade feather wings, or a homemade bunny tail, you little cuties could be the best dressed trick or treaters around. Yes they may not be scary but I think its safe to say if someone can turn up at my door in a onsie (I had this last year) then why not dress up as a cheeky squirrel? And when the mask is not in use you could use them to hang in your child's room as decor all ready to be used for everyday dress up as really all children should embrace dressing up. With these masks a childs imagination can come to life. Adventures in the woods as a sneaky squirrel, pretending to fly as a beautiful bird or becoming Alice's white rabbit. What ever they wish! Children should be children and I believe dress up should be a part of that.

Pictures not taken by me. Original source Enfants Terribles Magazine

If you would like to peek at Animalesques work you can do so on the below links:

Website: http://www.saralowesstudio.co.uk
FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/animalesque
INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/animalesque/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/animalesque02

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own

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  1. Oh my gosh - these are excellent! I'm going to have to check out their store. Any excuse to play dress-up, especially now that Robin is no longer at the potato stage, haha! I recently bought him a polar bear costume, and I can't handle how adorable it looks!

    - Laura


    1. Aren't they amazing Laura. I adore them so much. I am thinking I may save some extra pennies from my embroideries I sell to buy one. I just have to have one. xxx