Dear Baby - Pumpkin Carving


Dear Baby,

This weekend we took a little trip to see Auntie Keri-Anne, Elle and Mia to do our yearly traditional pumpkin carving. I do this every year baby and soon it will be a tradition for you as well, when you are big enough to take part. For now I shall do your pumpkins for you.

The girls drew the their designs on the pumpkins and their mummy used the big knife to cut the the faces out because of course we don't want any trips to the A & E. Whilst the girls pulled all the guts out of their pumpkins, Mummy and Auntie Keri-Anne spray painted some pumpkins and sprinkled glitter on them. Uncle Gilles actually did the spraying as he great at stuff like that, plus Mummy didn't want to take in those horrid smells. Elle said she thought our pumpkins looked like Cinderella's carriage. I think she is right.

Did you hear the girls? They wanted to feel you kick and guess what Baby? You gave them two big kicks. I hope you heard them giggling. Elle and Mia both put on little puppet shows for us with their teddies and we ate apple doughnuts and talked about you mainly.

Baby I am so excited for you to be a part of all these traditions and creating our own as well. Maybe next year the girls can come to ours for pumpkin carving. 

I adore you Baby Boy, keep giving mummy little kicks so I know you can hear me.

Love Mummy xxx

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