Dear Baby - A early morning adventure


Dear Baby,

After a sleepless night for both Daddy and I, we decided to rise early and take a drive to a local field full of hay bales. The grass was covered with dew drops, the sheep were grazing in the adjoining field and the air was so fresh. Daddy took some photos of me, he really is great at it. Then I snapped some pictures of the spider webs and dew drops. It really was beautiful Baby.

Daddy and I then decided to take a drive to one of our favourite places to have coffee and fresh cinnamon buns. I hope you enjoyed the cinnamon bun, mummy does love them. We bought lots of pumpkins for Halloween which one day you will get to experience along with your soon to be friends and family. I usually visit your Auntie Keri-Anne and the girls to do pumpkin carving so I am so excited for the day you can be there with me. 

After our breakfast we drove to the tip shop and found you a cute vintage high chair which one day Baby you will be able to sit in and eat at the table with us and talking of tables, we visited a little vintage shop near our home and bought the cutest dining table. I can picture you now sitting at the table being creative and making marks all over it, adding to its history. 

Oh baby I am so excited for you to arrive but I am also enjoying carrying you inside me. Feeling your little kicks and twitches and guess what? On Monday, Daddy and I get to see you on screen and maybe you will be good and let us see if you are a little boy or girl. Either way baby, we don't care. We will love you no matter what.

I best go now, we are taking you bowling tonight with your cousin Lisa, Aunty Nicola, Nanny and Grandpa and other family.

Love you always, Mummy & Daddy. xx

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