The search for maternity wear


When I first found out I was pregnant I started the search for affordable maternity wear. I didn't realise how hard it actually would be. Finding dresses in a style I like in the maternity sections wasn't working out, and I found that the prices seem to be a lot more. I searched online and still couldn't find anything that I loved. I refused to spend the next 5 months of my pregnancy wearing clothes I just didn't feel myself in. 

After giving up with actual maternity clothing I decided instead of spending a fortune on clothes I wouldn't be happy in, that I would just by none maternity but in two sizes bigger and the options are so much better for me. I can still wear the dresses I love and there is still room for bump to grow, of course depending on the length of the dress I may end up having to wear leggings under them but at least I will be in clothes that are me. Of course there are certain things I will get myself in the maternity section like tights, a belly support and granny pants but when it comes to dresses, unless they really spring out at me I shall be shopping in the not maternity sections buying clothes that are sizes too big.

I recently came across this wonderful lace dress on the app Depop. Its a size 14 and fits me perfectly especially in the bust area as I am already a big girl, let alone now they are getting bigger during pregnancy. The dress comes just above my knees and it cuddles my bump just right and guess what? It cost me £7.80 including postage. Bargain. I have another dress I have purchased off there as well as some baby bits and its amazing. Seriously if you have not experienced Depop yet you must. Its a great selling and buying app, basically a big carboot sale / yard sale in your phone. I spend hours searching for clothes on there that I am going to enjoy wearing through out my pregnancy adventure.

I can't wait for my bump to grow and to really feel like I am blossoming and I can see this dress making me feel more confident as me and baby grow together.

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