Our Life Recently - Devon/Cornwall Adventure


We are back and beyond tired. A great holiday away once again with my boy and of course baby bump. A week full of driving, Poldark searching, big cut chips and wonderful sunshine.

So on Sunday it was our 1 year wedding anniversary, so the boy surprised with me with a night in a wonderfully cute old wagon called Orchard Wagon, set amongst fields and wild flowers. It was simply perfect. We made a fire, snuggled under our sleeping bags and the boy toasted marshmallows as I watched and waited for the stars to appear. A beautiful evening and a wonderful way to spend our anniversary. 

On Monday we travelled to our little cottage in Northlew called HOF Cottage. A sweet little stone cottage in the middle of no where. A wonderful place to call home for the week. From here we spent most days out and about exploring the sites. A trip to Dartmouth, Bodmin Moor (To try and find Poldark) were just a few things we did.

The boy and I just love getting in the car and driving. Finding places as we go, or planning a route. Visiting places I used to visit as a child, like Boscastle and Bude, even taking a little trip into Holsworthy where my Aunt and Uncle used to live. 

Boscastle was wonderful. We sat and ate ice cream as we watched the dogs paddle in the water. Simple and peaceful. Bude we walked the streets popping into shops I used to love, we even bought a rainbow kite so Lee could fly a kite for the first time. We were lucky it was windy as he got some good flying out of that kite. 

Amongst other things we spent our last day in Clovelly. A cute and picturesque fishing village on the site of the cliff. Steep cobble lanes, cute little sweet and fudge shops, boats and a waterfall. It was the best way to spend our last day of the holiday even if we did have to use the Land Rover to get this pregnant lady back up the top of the cliff again. (Any excuse) We sat and had lunch on the docks and watched as a granddad taught his grandson to skim stones off the water.

I am so lucky. I really am. Although I was poorly a lot of the holiday the boy looked after me and made sure that we did things that I would love. We have the best holidays together and I can't wait for those holidays to include our little amigo. Exploring and teaching them what real adventures are.

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  1. Glad you had a super lovely holiday and anniversary :)
    I went to Clovelly this summer too for the Maritime Festival ^_^ it's such a marvellous little village, definitely worth crossing the border for :P
    Those converted shepherds huts are wonderful! I'd love to make one one day ^_^ or a gypsy vardo :D

    Have a wonderful autumn ^_^

    Sarah xxo | thesaltyseablog.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It really is a lovely place isn't it, so worth the money to get in. I loved every moment. xxx