Becoming a mummy- I'll Keep It Safe


When I was a child, I was dead set I would never have my own children. Up into my teens I would say I would only ever adopt. If I had known then the wonderful feeling you have when carrying your own creation inside your tummy, I can imagine I would have felt a whole lot different. Maybe it was being young a stupid but I was so adamant that carrying my own child was a no no. I am so glad my mind changed because I would change this for anything.

The start of my pregnancy hasn't been the easiest and unless you have experienced extreme cases of morning sickness (how about morning, day and night) then its hard to explain. You feel alone, lost and you question why you would put yourself through this, but then you see them. Up on the monitor at your 12 week scan and your heart skips a beat. Through all the sickness, tears and doubt it all becomes irrelevant, because you have created between us both this amazing child. It all becomes real and as you hold that scan picture in your hand you realise, we are going to be parents. The sickness was worth it. We all experience pregnancy in our own ways. Some of us go through easy pregnancies some of us not so easy but when it comes down to it, it really is irrelevant who's body coped more with growing a child because us women are blooming amazing. We push our bodies to the extreme to create another person. So whether you are being sick 24/7, juggling other children or eating like a horse, us ladies should pat ourselves on the back. We are amazing.

For the past few weeks, once a week I now make time for me and bump. Just us two. I sing to them whilst I play music, in the hopes that when they come into this world, it is with a love for music. I thought it would be a nice idea to share those playlists that I create for baby with you all. Maybe to inspire all those soon to be mumma bears out there.

I hope you enjoy my first playlist.

'You are an artist, and your heart is your masterpiece, and I’ll keep it safe'- I'll Keep You Safe- Sleeping At Last

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  1. Aw! Gorgeous photos and a lovely mama to be. Congrats!

  2. This is gorgeous. The moment you first see them on the screen I swear it hits you like a tonne of bricks. I cried so much.

    It's beautiful that you're taking the time to sing to baby, they will be able to hear you.
    We used to read to my bump every night before bed, and by coincidence or not - he's a book lover.

    Well wishes for the rest of your pregnancy.

  3. Oh Hannah, I love these songs so much! ♥ I wish you the best for the coming weeks, enjoy each day! ♥ I send love to you!

    xoxo, Michelle