Creative Moments - Party Drink Stirrers


This is the first time I have shared my party drink stirrers but today I felt creative and just had to make something. As I have been myself lately I didn't want to take on anything to difficult so thought why not make some drink stirrers. Not for any reason just because I like making them.

So after spilling half my bag of glitter on the sofa (Sorry Boy) and being told "Thats what you have a craft room for" I cleaned up the mess and started to dip my sticks in glue and cover them with glitter and pretty floral washi tape. They really are so simple to make and really add that extra touch to your drinks at any special occassion, or maybe you just fancy popping one in your cuppa tea at home, who cares. We shouldn't need an excuse to make everyday things like drinking a glass of orange juice, that extra bit more special. Even if it is just to put a smile on your own face.

All I need to do with them now is cut them down to make them a little bit smaller and hey presto they are perfect.

Do you ever have days where you just want to make something?

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