A wonderful Saturday


Pictures taken by Dad and I. Great team work.

What a wonderful day I have had. To start Mum, Dad and I headed to a small carboot sale where I managed to bag some bargains for baby. Some wooden baby toys, a cute little house shape trinket holder for babies bedroom wall and the best bargain that my folks paid for 10 Terry Nappies. I know some people would think how awful to buy second hand terry nappies but for me, as long as they have been cleaned and are not stained I am fine with that. These are perfect and have come with all the inserts, nappy liners and also a nappy bag. Such a good deal.

For the rest of the day it was just time to relax. Spent some time in the garden as mum pottered about and I sat in the sunshine. Then in the evening we drove out and met my sister and co for a wonderful walk in the woods with their new 13 week puppy Lola. It was such a wonderful evening and its good for me to get the exercise and who better to do it with but my family. Black berry picking, giant ants, wood teepee and lots of photos. I was in my element.

Gradually as the days move forward I am starting to feel more myself. Of course there are those odd days when the hyperemesis comes and it hits me hard but its getting so much better. Fingers crossed its on its way out.

A wonderful Saturday. A successful Saturday. 

Here are some iphone photos I took as well. 

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  1. I use close parent pop in nappies and bambino mio two part nappies for my 8 month old, the mio's have already been used by three babies and were given to me when I was pregnant and the pop in ones I got some on free cycle and some on ebay! Second hand nappies are the way to go.
    been following you for a while but have been too shy to say hello, I'm on facebook if ever you'd like to talk more about babies :) https://www.facebook.com/smalllikeoaktrees