Our Life Recently - picture overload


Where do I begin? The month of June has been incredible. As you know the start of the month we moved into our very own home and since then life has been so hectic. Two trips to London, one for my buddy Martin's birthday BBQ and second was to a Film Music Gala at the Royal Albert Hall with my folks. I got them tickets for their Christmas present and they got me mine! It was such a wonderful evening walking through parts of Hyde Park, dinner and wonderful wonderful film scores. I occasion I would love to do again.

This month also consisted of little adventures with the boy. Drives to new places, walks in familiar places and catching some sunsets. Find poppy fields and exploring ruins.

Making future plans, meeting up with my dear friend Aimee and exploring my Aunty Jan and Uncle Alan's amazing garden. They live in a house in the grounds of the Abbey I visit a lot, I do a lot of photos there, so very lucky they live there so I can pop in occasionally.

I am so excited for the month ahead and what it has in store. I hope my next Our Life Recently wont take as long to post but stick with me.

Keep smiling everyone!

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