No need to frown


This weekend has gone so fast. Where does the time go. I won't complain though as it has been wonderful. Seeing old friends, finding treasures in vintage shops, hearing great news from a dear friend of mine, buying more plants for my garden and spending time with family. 

This evening the boy and I took a drive to see the two horses nearby that I adore. We wanted to walk through their field but I think maybe they were feeling a little frisky because they came towards us, walked straight past Lee and got so close to me that I had to run away. The seemed slightly boisterous this evening. So I took a few pictures of the cows parsley in the evening sun and headed home.

Sometimes I wish the weekends were just that little bit longer but I will not frown as next weekend is going to be lovely. My big sister, nephew and my parents are coming to visit and then I have my dearest friend Martin's 30th Birthday on the Sunday in London. He lives on a boat!!! 

Here is a very short video of a glimpse into our evening. I do love making videos.

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  1. These photos are so incredibly dreamy.

  2. Such beautiful photos!