I'm In The Garden


Flowers, how I adore them. Last week the boy and I finally moved into our new home. A home we own, a real home to start our next chapter in and I am so excited. We have already started adding our own personal touches to the house and this time I really feel like I can do what I want.

My first step was the garden. With the summer trying to peek its head around the clouds I thought it was best to start there. I have had a old bike sitting in the shed for well over a year now and I really wanted to put it to good use instead of it hiding away. My mum and dad inspired me with their own vintage bike that they decided would look great in a flower bed in their garden. So of course I copied this idea and have put my bike at the bottom of the garden under the blossom tree.

As time goes by she will eventually be covered with plants and to kick start her off I filled her basket with potting plants and I am so pleased with how it turned out. Just by lining the basket with a plastic bag, making sure to add a few draining holes, I added a few small potting plants and soil and boom, she is bought to life.

I really can't wait to get stuck in with the garden, taking out the huge unwanted stinging nettles that have got lost on their way to the forest at the back of the garden and add more pots and some bird feeders. I really want to make the garden my happy place and have always loved gardening (I take after my mother). I hope to start my own veggie baskets at the bottom of the garden and I think we may have a strawberry plant in the garden which I am sure my nephew will be happy about.

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  1. Such beautiful photography and a bike on the garden- fabulous idea! I'd love that! I currently have planted wellies in mine but a bicycle sounds truly magical!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Really appreciate it! You should totally get a old bike to put in the garden! They look great with plants growing around and over them :)