DIY Lifestyle Magazine - Feature


I am so pleased and honoured to announce that I have been featured in the June issue of DIY Lifestyle Magazine.

A few months ago I recieved a email asking bloggers if they wanted to be share any DIYs that they had done. Of course I jumped at the chance and got in contact. Kirsten loved our DIY/handmade wedding so much that she asked me to write an article and use one of our wedding pictures on the front cover. I was so excited and as soon as Kirsten sent over the questions for the article I sat down and discussed them with the boy.

We wrote this post as a couple which makes it extra special, oh and the fact its about our experiences of creating a handmade wedding.

Being featured in such a wonderful online magazine is such an accomplishment for me and I am so proud. If you have dropbox you can download the magazine by clicking on the link below. If not head to the google play store or itunes and get it there.

Enjoy and you must tell me what you think.

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