Our Life Recently - Scotland Adventures


How do I even begin to express how amazing our Scotland adventure really was. I don't know if I can. The moment I saw the scenery pop up in front of us I felt at home.It was like we had just driven into one of my dreams. As a girl who has from a young age loved the mountains you can just imagine my excitement. From day 1  I was in my element. This time I was prepared with my walking boots and a lovely yellow mac by Sea Salt Cornwall. I was not going to let anything stop me especially the Scottish rain and cold!

This holiday was really all about seeking out places. Not just your tourist spots but really taking in the scenery. Of course we did some tourist bits like Stirling Castle, William Wallace Monument, we also put our own love lock on Forth Road Bridge. We drove for miles and found such sights. Sights that I don't think I had really seen since I went to New Zealand when I was 18. Mountains, valleys, lochs, highland coos (cows) castles, boats, rainbows and waterfalls. It was perfect and to top it off I got to meet three of the loveliest Scotsmen from the band I love called Beecake. I shall be sharing this meet up in a separate post.

Coming back from this adventure has inspired me. I feel like I know what my next step is and I am really excited about it. Sometimes we need experiences like this to really make us see whats important in life and for me its experiencing more adventures like these. Taking opportunities that come my way and not letting my anxiety get the better of  me. I am the leading lady of my own life.

I can't wait for what comes next and that is us moving into our own home! We are growing up in the best of ways.

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  1. These pictures are beautiful! Making me miss Scotland but only 6 weeks till I get to go back! I love that it has inspired you, I've found Scotland tends to have that effect. I love you coat too! I really want one but unfortunately student budget and all I'll just have to admire other people's. Looking forward to your next post! xx


    1. Oh thank you so much my dear. It really does have an amazing effect on the mind. The coat is Sea Salt Cornwall. x

  2. Love these photo's I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and these make me want to go back there now. x