Looking for a new sofa


I am so pleased to be able to tell you all that Lee and I finally have exchanged contracts and are moving into our first home on 27th May! Just two weeks! I can not express how excited I am and I would probably try if I wasn't sick on the sofa feeling very sorry for myself.

So of course we are now packing the house up and getting ready for the big move but we haven't stopped thinking how we want our home to look like, especially the living room. For us the most important thing is a new sofa! The sofa's we have right now are old and just wont fit with the new place, so today we have been searching the net. I mainly have been trolling Pinterest for inspiration and as you can see their is a running trend on what sort of sofa I personally would like. 

I want to make our new home a mix of new and old. I want to incorporate my love for old and introduce some new bits as well. I also want to add some Aztec pattens into the room as well. We have already decided where we want our feature wall to go and I just know Drew the deer's head will fit in perfectly with the room.

One thing we have noticed about sofa's is that they are not cheap at all. Trying to find one that is in our budget is tricky but we are searching all avenues including Gumtree.

So keep your fingers crossed that we find something and when we do be sure I shall be sharing pictures with you all. In fact I intend on sharing pictures of every room once they are all done.

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  1. Lovely Photos - I have also pinned the grey sofa post because I am desperate to find out where to get one of the hanging circle shelves? Any ideas?! Can't wait to see your finished photos - good luck with the sofa hunt, maybe some vintage fairs will come up trumps?!

    1. Oh yes I love those wall hanging circles. I don't know where you would find one though. Thanks my dear xx