The Boy and Girl Adventures - Picture overload and video


I think its about time I started a new feature. On all the instagram pictures I take that involves the boy and I on an adventure I use a tag #theboyandgirladventure, so I thought why not start a feature that links with that.

The boy and I are always off exploring, even if its places we have explored over and over again. We are both like Huck Finn. It is rather cute. The boy puts up with me stopping and starting as I film and take picture of almost everything but I don't think he minds too much as he can see how content I am.

Thursday we drove out to Wroxton Abbey. We have been here many time but we have never explored the whole thing and I am so glad that we chose to this day. The blossom tree was in full bloom, the sun was out, the woods smelt wonderful and under all the tree little tiny flowers have started to show their heads. It was perfect. We found a waterfall too which I had no idea was there. Wroxton Abbey you are wonderful.

The Abbey has become one of my most favourite places and this summer I intend on coming to explore on my own my sketch book and sit out on a log watching the birds and sketching.

Not long and we go on our Scotland adventure and I am so ready for it. I can't wait to share pictures and videos with you all. The boy will be sick of me by the end of the trip.

Hope you enjoy my little video I created of our evening. Have a wonderful weekend.

Song in the video = The Album Leaf - Over the pond

Over The Pond from Hannah Stocker on Vimeo.

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  1. your videos are magical :)

  2. Another gorgeous video!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful and this video oh my dear! So great :)