Take a look around


The world really is full of beauty that most days people just walk by and don't see. We are all so busy with our days that we forget to take time to see what the good earth provides for us. Like the wolf from Into The Woods say "Hello little girl, whats your rush. You're missing all the flowers" 

Lets all stop and take a look around. Enjoy a moment that doesn't involve worry or stress. Pick some wild flowers and put them in the house. Watch a sunset. Swim in a lake no matter how cold. Sleep under the stars. Just enjoy what the earth can give you that doesn't involve paying money for it or work your butt off for it.

This afternoon I did just that. I picked some Forget Me Nots and just had to take some pictures of them in the sunlight. Sometimes the simplest pictures are the best and flowers always put a smile on my face.

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